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Hi, my name is Marc Adams, your resident Clinical Dental Technician at ALL DENTURES.

I qualified as a dental technician in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1986. In 2000, I moved to New Zealand, where I registered as a dental technician. After further postgraduate studies at Otago University, I qualified and registered as a Clinical Dental Technician, with credit.

With nearly thirty years experience in the denture field, I can asure you of quality products and services. I will treat you with respect and compassion, listen to your needs....and do my best to fulfill those needs.

"Yes, I know how to make them, and I know how to fix them ...."

What is a Clinical Dental Technician?

Clinical Dental Technicians are registered dental care professionals, who are trained and qualified to provide a range of denture services direct to patients - services that were previously only available through your dentist. With many years' experience working as dental technicians, CDT have the advanced technical and clinical skilss needed to carefully design and handcraft every denture to the individual requirements of the patient. CDT can work as independent practitioners and deal directly with the public in making , fitting and fixing dentures.

What will my appointment with a CDT involve?

Patients who have experienced tooth loss, can be treated directly by a CDT, who will make and fit their dentures.
However, if you have existing implants, or have remaining teeth and need a partial denture, the CDT will referr you to a dentist to check up on the teeth or implants first. The CDT will advise you on your initial consultation.
You will be advised on the different types of dentures available and the technical procedures involved, so you can make an informed decision about the treatment you receive. Together, you and your CDT can then decide upon the right solution for you.
In order to create a detailed treatment plan that is tailored to your needs, your Clinical Dental Technician will undertake a detailed clinical evaluation and may refer you to a dentist or other dental specialist.

Why would I need to see a dentist if I need a partial denture?

To plan your treatment correctly, the CDT with the dentist will need to consider any possible complications that might require treatment now and in the future. Together your CDT and dentist would also consider what dental treatment may be needed to prepare your mouth for a new partial denture. Also, you may have gum disease present and this may have a bearing on a new partial denture.

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